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America Is Not A Christian Nation

As Independence Day approaches, I thought we needed a dose of truth when it comes to our country. Before anyone panics with what my topic is let me say this; yes, the United States does a lot of great things, but that alone doesn’t make us a Christian nation.

As Independence Day approaches, I thought we needed a dose of truth when it comes to our country. Before anyone panics with what my topic is let me say this; yes, the United States does a lot of great things, but that alone doesn’t make us a Christian nation. My goal here is not to offend anyone, my goal is for us to honestly look at our country and ask, should it bear a Christian name tag?

As a pastor, I must tell you that I get disheartened, when I hear the arguments being made after prayer was removed from schools or the ten commandments being taken out of the courts. I have to respond to respond to these arguments with how can you be upset with these people who don’t know Jesus. Why would they want prayer in schools or the ten commandments in courts. Then it is said, “The Liberal left is destroying our nation that was founded on Christian principles”.

Founding of the Country

As a person who loves history, I know that most of the earliest pilgrims from England did come here for religious freedom. Outside of that, please don’t tell me we are founded on christian principles. For the Shawnee, Cherokee, Seminole, and many other Native tribes would disagree. Most of the early settlements infringed on native lands and we seized them by force. Seizing many lands by force seems like the Roman thing to do, not the Christlike thing.

The Constitution

Then there are those who might say: true the native population was treated poorly but our constitution is what brought forth the christian principles. The Constitution guarantees that religious liberties of all religions should not be infringed on. Nowhere is there founding principles in the Constitution or Declaration on loving God above all or loving our neighbor as ourself. Nowhere does it say that a portion of the collected taxes will be used for furthering the Kingdom of God.

Are We a Christian Nation? 

The United States being identified as a Christian Nation is a misnomer. Yes, in 1850 most  American Citizens identified as Protestant or Catholic, therefore since our constitution serves the people, through its representatives, most things that happened were pleasing to the Christian. We now live in 2016 where 70% of the population identifies as Christian. Thats down 7% just from 2007 (Source).

There is at minimum 30% of the population that does not identify with Jesus or the principles of the Christian faith. I do not expect the 30% to just be like, “yeah prayer in schools is a good thing”. No one complained about this in the 1930s, because there was only a handful of people that weren’t ok with it. Now there are a multitude of people that are not ok with Christian Prayer in school. Guess what our constitution states that we will infringe on no ones’ religious rights, even if your religious belief is atheism. The conclusion we must take from that is: we are not a Christian nation; we are a nation made up of a majority of people that identify as Christian.

What Should We Do? 

I say all of this to come to this point: Stop fighting the wrong fights. If the government wants to remove the ten commandments from the courts that is their right. When is the last time a sitting judge issued a sentence on the breaking on the Law of God? Lets be honest, it was there because somebody gave money and they saw that as a service to God. A service to God is not another monument or slogan embedded on our monetary notes. A service to God is you and I building relationships with people and showing them the light of Christ.

If the Country wants to take down the huge crucifixes that stand throughout this country, let them. When we fight these fights, we manage to turn more people away, for the 30% see us as bible thumping hypocrites, where we need to be seen as their loving neighbors who would do anything for them. These monuments are not going to save people, so please stop holding onto them like they are the key to the countries salvation.

Salvation will only be found through the grace of Christ. It will not be found in our loyalty to a earthly nation, or what our nation becomes. Christians should not worry about the outcomes of elections, or the minuscule matters of the country. Our only focus should be on our ability to grow our relationship with Christ, and love others.

Food for thought: more and more people are identifying as non-christian, maybe we are not as good at evangelism as we thought. For the worthy struggle we should embrace is the one where we come along side the 30% and live life next to them, where they can see the fulfillment and happiness Jesus can bring. America is not, and has never been, a Christian Nation. It has been a nation that is made up of a majority of Bible believing individuals, and that number is decreasing drastically.

Food for thought: more and more people are identifying as non-christian, maybe we are not as good at evangelism as we thought.

The fault lies on Christians. We need to do better at teaching our kids to spread the faith, not isolating the light in a private Christian school, or a Christian sports team. We need to be engaging people where they are. We need to show our coworkers, neighbors, relatives, and friends Jesus. If you want the Country to follow God more closely; The solution starts with us carrying out the Great Commission. When we start carrying out the Great Commission more effectively, I believe that is when you will see the changes you desire in the nation.

Now it’s your turn to respond. Is America a Christian Nation?

42 comments on “America Is Not A Christian Nation

  1. There is only one Christian nation and it dwells within all nations. Our King is Jesus and our purpose is to worship God and love those we ate placed among.

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  2. tameekaking

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    Loving this!

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  3. This country does not need to be a Christian country. God is not interested in countries. Jesus is not concerned about advancing Christianity, the -ism. God wants one thing: the reconciliation of each person with Him. Not churches. Not countries. People. Souls. Printing the words, “In God We Trust” on our dollar bills does not mean the citizens carrying the dollar bills, do…and it won’t make them, either. God does not reach people through their politics or citizenship or even their church membership. Your point, while attention grabbing and well-meaning, deflects the issue; individual people must approach God individually…not collectively. A single soul must turn to God and request connection…reconciliation. God will do the rest. The creed of the country will not do it.

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    • Dear Kitsy, the problem with your statement is GOD teaches in his Word that he will also judge the nations. If you read both the old and new testament, you will find evidence that GOD judged individuals, families (house of,) tribes and nations; so I do believe that this will clarify and give creedence to the fact that GOD is indeed interested and concerned about the state of countries.

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      • If a person is drowning in front of you, running for mayor on the platform that children should be taught to swim in public schools is not going to save that person.

        My point is this…while the founding fathers constructed the creed of this country with the intention of this nation (of individual people) trusting in God and hoping that reciting that in the creeds would draw individuals to do so, it has not worked out that way. Except for God’s chosen people, the Jews, individuals within nations and tribes do not attain eternal life by association with said nation or tribe.

        Trying to reach the masses en masse, through a creed or doctrine is a great idea, but works no better than does trickle-down economics; nice concept…fails in practice.

        Time is running out. God may JUDGE nations but He does not, to my knowledge, forgive or reconcile nations as a whole…except in the case of Israel. Gentiles (the rest of us) must approach God personally and on our knees. To expect forgiveness and reconciliation by citizenship in America is not founded. God may bless America, but repentance and forgiveness takes place one soul at a time.


      • As I read this post, no where does the author make the claim that association with a nation makes one of God. But individuals, as well as nations, must choose God, for God expects all, including Nations to obey his Word: “The wicked shall be turned into Hell, and all the nations that forget God.” Psalms 9:17 The Gospel is according to as God has instructed, not our own personal interpretation. The word Gentiles first appears in Genesis 10:5, it is a word used specifically referring to the offspring of Japheth, the youngest son of Noah, after land division after the flood; the word means: “a troop of animals, a heathen people.”) It only began to be used referring to all non-Hebraic people (including Japhet’s offspring) around the time of the Prophet Isaiah. The only Hebrews that will be delivered as a result of God’s covenant with King David will be 144,000 (12,000 from each tribe) out of Great Tribulation, for the rest, they must come through the Blood like every one else. Although the Black Hebraic Jews have been scattered and mixed with the heathen, nevertheless, God knows his seed and chosen.


      • I will ask you this: if a true Christian (in belief and practice) is a citizen of a Country that does not profess belief in God or obey His commands, what is the eternal standing of that person? If a person rejects God but is a citizen of a Country that professes and practices belief in God, what is that person’s eternal state?


      • You seem to be stuck on this and one has nothing to do with the other. One is an individual person and the other a nation (meaning governmental body.) In the US for instance, the individual is any citizen, while on the other hand the laws that the governmental body pass into law that leads the nation into sin is represented by the wicked leadership who leads the nation. When God judged Israel the nation because of the wickedness led by the King, not all of the people had sinned, like the prophets; but yet the whole nation went into captivity, including the prophets. When God judges America for her sins, it will effect all citizens: saved or not; the difference is He will carry the righteous and they will come out unscathed.

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      • Your last sentence relates two opposite outcomes for the righteous; which is it? Does the righteous suffer because of the nation? Or does the righteous come out unscathed, regardless. I am not stuck; I am adamant. Concern over whether a political construct is “Christian or not” is a waste of energy and is a bit rediculous. How would you determine if a nation is Christian? By its President? By popular vote? Does a constitution repent and seek reconciliation with God?

        People ask, “What was the government thinking?” as if the government has a mind and will of its own.

        I don’t know how else to say it. The issue of whether or not this country is Christian is irrelevant. It is a pointless discussion and a distraction from what truly matters. Use your influence to help others understand the need for their individual reconciliation to God.

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      • The last sentence is what it is, seek the Lord for the understanding. Ridiculous is spelled with an “i” not an “e.” My final response to you would be if these words are a waste of time, why then have you committed so much of yours responding to this author and myself? I can tell that you are not a person who is given to the study of the Word of God that you may rightly divide the Word of Truth, but yet you speak bodly amist. If you suggest that others should understand the need for reconciliation with God…might I suggest that you begin with your own? Arrogance is a sure tell sign that one is very far from God and lack understanding of his Word. As I sign off from this conversation, my prayer would be that you first influence your self to seek the Lord, and not seek recognition through self proclamation of having some sort of dreamed up authority in deciding what is relevent or irrelevent and to whom. Enjoy your life and nice chatting with you. 🙂

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      • That’s your best shot? That I misspelled a word? ridiculous. I guess that point was more important than addressing my two questions. If we are going to go in that direction, then I will point out that the verb form is “affect;” “effect” is a noun. I’m not sure what “bodly amist” is.

        My daughter asked me why I pick on people. My response is that I don’t randomly pick on people but I will challenge people who are doing more harm than good. Issues that cause people to fear, hate, or worry and don’t help them address their own situations are harmful more than they are helpful. I often advise Christian bloggers to consider taking the Hippocratic Oath to Do No Harm.

        And then you question my relationship with God. (Okay, Jesus, what do You think? Me? No, she just kicked a bit of dirt onto my shoe. No biggie.)

        So this was your ‘parting shot.’ I guess you are out saving the soul of the Bill of Rights, or something. I’ll be here helping people let go of their fear and hate so they can enjoy a clearer connection to God.

        I appreciate your well wishes, though. I’ll see you at the pearly gates.


    • This is a direct quote from my post above. “Salvation will only be found through the grace of Christ. It will not be found in our loyalty to a earthly nation, or what our nation becomes. Christians should not worry about the outcomes of elections, or the minuscule matters of the country. Our only focus should be on our ability to grow our relationship with Christ, and love others.” Salvation is found as an individual not the collective.

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  4. You make a very interesting point. The key is to evangelize by loving God and neighbor. I do think though that we do have a responsibility to glorify God in this country we live in, by being leaders or seeking leaders to promote Christian values.

    A very good thought provoking article. Thank you!


  5. There were multitudes who were “Christians” (followers of Christ) in the Bible days, but only a small group of Born-again Believers through the Blood! There is a huge difference between the the two. Followers of Christianity invaded Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Asia, North America, Central America, Souh America, Hawaii, the Polynesian Islands, the Carribean Islands & surroundin area, and the entire world all under the guise of religion, but they tore cultures, inheritances, and human lives apart like a savaged wild beast on prosac! These victimized cultures know for a fact that the founding savages of America and its government were and are not a people of GOD, the only delusional ones are the descendants of these same founding people who are maintaining they are.

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  6. The question is then this.. how do you love the non-Christian? How do you show your way is say, the best path to salvation to a Muslim or Baha’i?


  7. I agree, America is not a Christian nation. Good points about fighting the wrong battles and what we need to do. We have been poor ambassadors for the Kingdom. I pray that as we live in these dark days we will begin to truly shine and draw others to Jesus.


  8. I agree that America is not a christian nation – I cannot think of a single nation that is. However, I disagree on one point, in two ways. You say that “Christians should not worry about the outcome of elections or the minuscule matters of the country”, and on this point, I disagree. One way I disagree is that Christians should not worry about anything, but assuming yuo just meant thinking about/being concerned with I absolutely disagree. Because how do we know how we should behave unless we know what is facing people, and what they are concerned about. If we do not pay attention to what candidates say, or indeed, any public figure, we won’t know what is on people’s minds; what THEY are concerned with. At the very least, this would make us seem out of touch, and even possibly give the impression that we just don’t care.
    For instance, I am in the U.K. and we have just had our referendum about and voted to leave the European Union. This may or may not be a good thing, but at the moment, most of the immediate consequences are negative. There has been a definite downturn economically, and a rise in obvious racism – and, also, a lot of pressure on relationships. Now, as a Christian, I could just take the view that God is in charge and He will sort things out, which is true; but people are being affected now. I know one guy who has lost his job as a direct result of the vote. If I do not engage with these people where they are, in the midst of their shock and anger, they will think I am dismissing their concerns. And, at the very least, knowing what is going on can, should and will inform my prayers. To pray best, I need to know what is happening. Not worrying about it, but definitely being interested.


  9. Would you have any objections to renaming your article, “America is a pagan nation”?


  10. The label of “Christian Nation” seems to me to be grounded in faith as an ideology, rather than as loyalty to the risen Christ. We do not seem to know the difference.

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  11. Interesting perspective. Visiting from Christian Bloggers


  12. Anonymous

    It’s interesting that there seems to be a disconnect between the government and the people. There are “those politicians” and then there are the people. But when a nation of people elect their politicians, then we are the government. Somehow separating the two lets us off the hook; “look what those evil politicians did”. No, we did it. We elected them. Which means we are on the hook for the evil in the government. If we think evil is ok in government, then we won’t engage the political machine. If we think we won’t be judged because it’s “them that done them evil things”, then just who is responsible? IF we don’t stand for righteousness in the public square, evil will advance and lots of people are harmed in the wake. Is that the
    “Christian” thing to do? Should one fight human trafficking through the government process in India, or does this involvement in politics only have to do with the US? Should one fight the killing of innocent helpless babies by voting for someone who will protect them and against someone who will further abortions cause and protect their butchers?
    I may have misunderstood this blog but it seems part of what is conveyed is we need to disengage from the political process since it’s not God’s kingdom and only engage for Jesus. But I always thought rescuing the helpless was part of Jesus’ agenda. Maybe not…

    And then rethinkteam re-quoted this: “Christians should not worry about the outcomes of elections, or the minuscule matters of the country.”
    Would that include abortion? Does God think abortion is minuscule, since it is the law of the country, put there by us? Are you saying we should not engage the government to overturn laws that kill babies? Really? Wouldn’t “loving others” include unjust laws that do harm to others, “do unto others as you would have them do to you”? Should Wilberforce have fought slavery? Lincoln? Should Christians completely disengage from Government and just let evil destroy our land and our very right to post on this blog about Christian things? The Church in Germany did nothing, went along with the crowd for the sake of peace, with disastrous results. Should the church here turn her back on government and just spread the Gospel and love each other, while all hell is allowed to break loose in this land, causing suffering not only for the lost but for the saved? Would you counsel all Christians to not vote in November?


    • The better solution to the questions you have is carry out the Great Commission. If it is your desire to see the country be more Godly then the people need to return to God. This will not happen because of legislation, or because Roe v. Wade would be over turned. We tell people not to worry about the election, because people seemingly forget that God is in control.

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      • In response to the discussion on government and politics. ..a while back I wrote an article titled “You can not legislate love.” (here is the link ) . I have also written more recently on the mistaken notion, that many people have, that the government somehow ‘thinks.’ (that link is )

        I commend you on your calm and patient response to upset commenters. (I could use a dose of that, Jesus.) And I beg your forgiveness (and God’s) if I misled people when I got sidetracked by another commenters diffusion. I would consider changing the title as that is not really what your article is about; your article conveys a great deal of wisdom and brings out points well worth considering. Thank you.


  13. From the bottom of my heart thank you. You have said it perfectly.


  14. Please let the government be the government and the Church be the Church. The Church is a living body the gov. is an institution. The Church helps the poor the Gov. enables the poor to stay poor. The gov. is soft putty in the voting booth. The Church never changes it’s unconditional truth of the Gospel. The Gov is run by people. The Church has as it’s head Jesus the righteous one. Never has God been elected or pointed to as the head of any Government save the theocracy before King Saul. Never has any government stood the test of perfection or time that God has.

    Let temporary Government run it’s short cycle. Let the Church live for the eternity the Church was planed to do. Let the Church know what makes it the Church, then stand firm.

    Romans 8; 16The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, 17and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with him.

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  15. OH ya! Ask Russia or China if Christians can change government!


  16. I am glad we perceive we are no longer a Christian Nation. Please hear me out on this. I recently left the Christian culture but my commitment as a Disciple of Jesus has never been stronger. Unfortunately the Christian culture has become a distraction and is keeping human children of God from maturing. “We the people” are a nation of individuals, and if we, as individuals, fail to walk in the expectation of our heavenly Father (Luke 6:40) then our nation will miss its potential. Your post identifies the failings, but you sound as if you are still putting your hope in the tradition of religious organizations to achieve the goal of becoming a Christian Nation again. God loves us and Jesus was successful at communicating that love and ensuring the fate of humanity. To believe that a single religious culture will win the day is just bad theology. There will be members from every tongue, every tribe and every nation representing the Kingdom of God. To hold the vision that only Jews and Americans will be in heaven is bad scriptural interpretation. We are all Children of God and most of us are blind to that truth. Christianity has invested in the model of sheep following a pastor, instead of children maturing to hold the office of Ambassador of the Kingdom (Gal 4:1).

    I my opinion, becoming or remaining a Christian Nation is missing the point of Jesus’ ministry (John 17:22-23). Becoming independent disciples of Jesus, not excluding communities of disciples, is closer to the mark. That’s just my opinion. Your post is asking some good questions, keep it up. Please forgive me if I perceived that you are still placing hope in the tradition of religious organizations and religious culture. Stay blessed and Happy Independence Day.

    Your brother in Jesus, Larry

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    • hmmm. that is interesting because I did not perceive this post to say those things at all. The part about trying to stay or become a Christian nation. I took the author to be saying that we were NOT founded on Christian principals but that the majority of citizens happened to identify with a Christian background and now do not. I also understood him to be suggesting that perhaps we should focus on being salt and light to our fellow Americans, follow Christ and let God take care of the rest. A thought I wholeheartedly agree with. thought yes….I will be voting.
      Thank you so much to the author of this post. It does get me thinking and that is good.

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      • I appreciate your thoughts and your interpretation of my post is spot on. Actually you might have said it better than I did. I am thankful the post got you thinking, and again thank you for your thoughts.

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  17. Reblogged this on The View from 5022 and commented:
    I am re-posting this article because the author(s) make an excellent point:

    ” We need to show our coworkers, neighbors, relatives, and friends Jesus. If you want the Country to follow God more closely; The solution starts with us carrying out the Great Commission. When we start carrying out the Great Commission more effectively, I believe that is when you will see the changes you desire in the nation. ”

    I would suggest changing the title because it leads one to believe that whether or not America is Christian or not is a significant issue. Besides, how does a nation become a Christian?

    There is a great deal of good information and wisdom, here, though. I recommend this be passed along.

    Thanks be to God and to God be the Glory.


  18. Chase, this post is filled with wisdom, and thank you for having the courage to say the words and ask the questions. I just scheduled an article with some similar thoughts to post tomorrow morning. Glad others are thinking along the same lines and spreading the word.


  19. Susan, Thanks for the kind words, and I look forward to reading your post.


  20. This is exactly why we keep our kids in public school. God did lead us to a more conservative, but still public, school for grades K-8. But for high school, God has called us back to the real deal, the hotbed of what concerns many Christians. I am nervous for them, but also thrilled that will get to put their faith into action on a daily, minute-by-minute basis. Praying for them to bring friends home that we can share Christ’s love with.

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    An important fact to remember.

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  22. Wonderful! I am thankful that many of us band together and write to reach many many people. If I may encourage anyone to please visit my official website ministry. I m looking to really engage with other writers so that we can share each others thoughts and facts we find in our journey to awaken the masses. Please do share and follow @ I can assure you, you will leave blessed. Thank you again for your time and devotion to serve the Lord Jesus Christ!!

    Daniel Byzewski
    God Head Disciple Ministry


  23. I think the nation has came a long way from how it was when it was started. I believe the country had more faithful Christians in the time it was started than it does now despite how the population has changed. I don’t believe we should be considered a Christian nation because the country has taken God out of just about everything. It would be great if we did live in a Christian nation but then again if we lived in a perfect world who would we witness to? We are here for a reason and you are right we need to work harder in our evangelism. I pray that we can be more effective. Good article. God bless!


  24. Satan rules the nations of this world. Remember when he tried to tempt Jesus in the desert? He showed Jesus the kingdoms of the world, (Luke 4:5) how they belonged to him (Satan).
    Satan’s goal is to remove the Word from before people’s eyes so they will not see the truth.


  25. Thanks for the post – Good points are stressed!

    What does Christian mean? Christians are Christ-like people, a term, which people used to describe believers that believed in Christ Jesus in Antioch as written in the Bible in the Book of Acts. So, if people , who were founding fathers of America identified with God and Bible, and founded America on Biblical principles, I don’t see any problem calling America a Christian nation. We can examine this from perspective of most Muslim nations in Middle East. They were not Muslim nations until Islam took over the nations and converted their fore-fathers to Islam. Are they wrong to call their countries Muslim nations? No. They are right! So I will disagree with you on that end! As a Christian, if you can’t stand up and profess America is a Christian nation, I think you really need to read story of Israelites very well especially book of Joshua. The nations they possessed weren’t theirs until God asked them to possess them, and those nations became theirs.

    I agreed with you like Israel did many times, America has gone away from God. But thank God for Christians, who are intercessors, who continue to pray for America to not loose God’s favor through abominations and idolatry that seem to perverse the nation for some times now. However, no matter what has happened, America belongs to God, not by any man’s philosophic ideas or changing founding fathers’ principles, which reflect Biblical principles. The only fear is that if God could deal with Israel, his beloved country, when she would not return to God (they are still dealing with repercussion till today), America could be dealt with God, if she continues to stray from God and the founding Biblical principles.

    What makes America Great? It is God! If her leaders continue to kick against God, we need God’s mercy to remain Great! But for the sake of few faithful Americans to God, who continue to stand up and pray for God’s mercy on America, God’s mercy still exists. This is the reason America is still Great!


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