Our Goal

Our goal on this site is to rethink the way we perceive and interact with Jesus, the church, and culture. The way we do that is by taking an in depth look at the way Jesus lived, how we act as the church, and then how we respond to culture. This site is the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of two pastors, who work in the church, and see a significant need to Rethink some of the ways we view Jesus, the church, and culture.

19059114_10155354853806354_8995484887241723645_nJeffery Curtis Poor

Co-founder, Writer, and Site Manager

Is a husband, pastor, and wannabe writer. He has a passion for challenging the way people think about God and the Church. He has been working in the church for 6 years and cannot imagine doing anything else with his life. Outside of ministry he enjoys anything competitive and ice cream.

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ChaseChase Hill

Co-founder and Writer

Is a Pastor of a church in Somerset, PA. He’s now in his seventh year of pastoral ministry, where he spends most of his time mentoring and discipling young adults. Chase has a passion for Social Justice, Missions, and the Church. Chase has an avid love for all sports, traveling, and experiencing other cultures. Here Chase is excited to share his thoughts and opinions from his experience and studies.

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